Terms of Service

Terms and Conditions of Service


The passenger must:

-observe all prescriptions that concern related to the operation and use of the bus, to comply with the stated conditions, the warnings of the staff on duty, as well as with laws, decrees and regulations in force in the field of transport public; he must also comply with any requirements involving impediments, restrictions or special conditions in the execution of the transport;

-take the necessary precautions to ensure, as far as he depend on a safe and own safety, of humans and animals that are in their custody, as well as the safety of their belongings. Anyone who contravenes the requirements laid down in points liable to the penalties of the law and liable for damages that such facts cause to people, animals and things.

Getting on and off buses
The ascent and descent by bus may only be at the authorized stops along the routes of the lines. If the stop is required, the traveler must report to the time going to get on or off the bus. If you have already reached the maximum total number of travelers expected by the registration certificate of the vehicle are not allowed more passengers on board vehicles. In case of overcrowding at the start of the slope have right of travelers with mobility problems and those who have to travel the long way.

Times and connections
Times on public display may be changed also during their period of validity. Any changes will be communicated with appropriate public announcements posted at bus stops. The Company accepts no responsibility for the consequences resulting from delays, missed connections and, in general, for any event beyond its will.

Infringements and sanctions
The Passengers without valid travel document or identification card is subject to payment of the fine fixed by the Lombardy Region (amount equal to 100 times the minimum fee) in addition to the ticket price and the increase provided by L.R. 44/8, equal to the minimum standard fare.

Travel documents
Before you log on board, the traveler must be in possession of a valid travel document recognized by MOTORWAY Ltd., STIE Ltd., STAR spa, on land purchased from authorized retailers or personal document attesting to admission to free movement on the buses according to regulations. The ticket is personal and non-transferable; has prohibited the sale of tickets and other transport documents names, those names not after the start of the trip, as well as the part of the return relative to the return ticket. The ticket must be validated when getting on board. In the case is out of order, the traveler is required to immediately inform the driver who will provide for validation by pliers.

Booking change
Tourist services: If you change the date of travel you will have to pay a fixed fee of € 5.00 if the change is made within 48 hours before departure. If the change is required within 48 hours of departure, the ticket is canceled with retainer entire importoIl traveler may request cancellation.

Cancellation and Refund for online purchases

Tourist services:
The traveler can request a refund, less 30% of the total price, just following the cancellation of the ticket which must be made within 48 hours before the departure date. After 48 hours the deduction is 100%. Non-refundable tickets are partially used (eg a ticket a / r, of which you have already used the outward journey or of which the first leg is not canceled before the deadline). Online purchases will be refunded following the cancellation to be made on line or at retailers, with the timing described above and after the anticipated date of departure, directly to the credit card used at time of purchase, while the titles of travel purchased at retailers, will have to be canceled by a resale and then shipped in the original: MOTORWAY Srl – Via Gramsci n. 2-20016 Pero (MI).

Airport Services: tickets related to the airport network routes “Airport Express Bus” purchased through the sales channels Highway or through other sales channels are non-refundable. The tickets have no expiration.

Transport of children
Every traveler provided with travel document has the right to ride for free one child under the age of two years who must be kept in her lap. When a traveler is carrying more children under the age of two years, in addition to the travel document for the carer, you must necessarily buy a ticket every two children. From 2 to 12 years applies the reduced rate. Transportation of pets Every traveler, equipped with a travel document, can carry a small pet size at which a device to make it harmless act was applied. The transport of animals except guide dogs, may be refused in case of bus overcrowding. Guide dogs are allowed free of charge unless the blind to be assisted by carer with free trip; for all other pets must be purchased its ticket to the tariff in force. Transporting objects Each traveler can only carry a bag for free as long as the size is larger than cm. 50x30x25. For each additional luggage and for those that exceed these dimensions will have to be bought its ticket at the tariff in force. MOTORWAY Ltd., STIE Ltd. and STAR S.p.A. They reserve the right to accept the luggage transport in relation to their size. They are excluded from the luggage containing dangerous or harmful goods and inflammable material; MOTORWAY Ltd., STIE Ltd. and STAR S.p.A. They reserve the right to claim against the traveler for any damages caused by the nature of his luggage. Any object placed in the overhead inside the bus, must be compulsorily placed in the external luggage compartments.