PULLMAN Milano - Madesimo

Milano - Madesimo
Are you ready to leave for Milano - Madesimo? Get your bus from Milano or one of the intermediate stops. Choose the time that suits you best and enjoy special offers by Autostradale.it! Seats are comfy and spacious and your luggage is free of charge. And if you love animals, bring them along - they are always welcome on board!Route Milano ? Milano - Madesimo only €20.00!

Madesimo is one of the most renowned ski destinations of Lombardy, during wintertime. Within the Mountain Community of Valchiavenna, in the heart of Valle Spluga, Madesimo serves more than 60 km ski slopes for alpine skiing, several paths for downhill skiing and the possibility to do off-piste skiing too.

Madesimo in wintertime

In wintertime, Madesimo is one of the favorite ski destinations of people coming from Lombardy. The SkiArea Valchiavenna is composed of almost 60 km of dry ski slopes, from the easiest ones for beginners,children and families to the most difficult ones for challenging and good skiers. Modern ski lifts allow to reach ski slopes directly from the village, without taking cars or other transports, to let people enjoy easy and black runs, where famous Zeno Colò was used to train. It's also possible to reach the 3000 meters of Pizzo Groppera for skiing down the run of Val di Lei or across Canalone, one of the most beautiful and hardest off-piste of the entire Alpine Arc. The fun baby park for the younger guests, as well as the snowpark for freestyle adepts, downhill runs and the several paths for snowshoeing make Madesimo - and the close Campodolcino, connected by funicular - one of the best winter holidays destinations.

From Milan to Madesimo by bus

It's possible to reach Valchiavenna from Milan, thanks to Autostradale connection provided by several bus services with departure from Lampugnano bus station, close to the metro station, until Madesimo. These buses are a practical, safe and quick way to go skiing, with a large compartment it’s actually possible to put skis and bulky luggage holding boots and winter sports materials. The Milan - Madesimo connection also provides mid stops.

Bus Stops from Milan to Madesimo

Bus stops provided along the route from Milan to Madesimo are the same as those for Campodolcino, the other SkiArea Valchiavenna tourist destination linked to Madesimo by funicular.
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1 Milano
terminal bus MM1 Lampugnano
2 Sesto San Giovanni
Piazza I Maggio(F.S.)
3 Monza
Corso Milano 21
4 Verano Brianza
V.le N. Sauro 24
5 Lecco
Piazza Stazione
6 Prestone
Fermata Bus
7 Campodolcino
Tini - Municipio
8 Campodolcino
Corti - Piazza S. Antonio
9 Campodolcino
Corti - Piazza Funicolare
10 Pianazzo
11 Madesimo - Isolato
Via degli Argini/Palestra Com.
12 Madesimo - Isolato
Stazione Autolinee

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