PULLMAN Milano - Campiglio - Marilleva (INVERNALE)

Milano - Campiglio - Marilleva (INVERNALE)
Are you ready to leave for Milano - Campiglio - Marilleva ? Get your bus from Milano or one of the intermediate stops. Choose the time that suits you best and enjoy special offers by Autostradale.it! Seats are comfy and spacious and your luggage is free of charge. And if you love animals, bring them along - they are always welcome on board!Route Milano ? Milano - Campiglio - Marilleva only €34.00!

Marilleva is a tourist place in the district of Mezzana and in the province of Trento. Appreciated in summer, Marilleva is especially known for its winter tourism since 1972, when the first ski districts and resorts were built. Today Marilleva is composed by two small different towns rising at the relative altitudes above sea level: Marilleva 900 on the right side of Noce torrent, and Marilleva 1400, from where it's possible to take ski lifts directly from the road or through the cable car. 

Marilleva in wintertime

Founded in 1972 as a delightful ski destination lost in the mountains, Marilleva has 25 ski lifts that give access to more than 150 km ski slopes connecting Folgarida, Madonna di Campiglio and Pinzolo. In the middle of Val di Sole, Marilleva is one of the most beautiful, important and avant-garde ski districts of Europe, giving a large selection of ski slopes that satisfy every skiers' needs. In fact, here you will find ski slopes for beginners or for those people who want to enjoy the wonderful panoramic view while skiing, as well as more difficult ones for those who want to practice their technique and challenge themselves. The snowmakers, the connections with the main ski villages of Trentino, the modern and practical ski lifts and downhill slopes like Commezzadura, the fun park for children and the snow park for freestyle enthusiasts, as for the wide range of holidays relaxing solutions contribute to make Marilleva one of the favorite destinations for foreigners and people coming from Italy, especially from Lombardia and Veneto.

From Milan to Marilleva by coach

Reaching Marilleva is easy. From Milan, it's possible to take Autostradale coaches that, during the entire snow season, provide regular connections from Lampugnano Coach Station, near to the metro station. A wide compartment is also available for passengers who want to carry their winter sports material like skis, bulky luggage and everything is necessary for a memorable experience on the snow. The Milan – Marilleva connection assures mid stops in other ski destinations of Val di Sole.

Coach stops from Milan to Marilleva

During the wintertime, Autostradale bus is a very safe, cheap and quick way to get in Val di Sole. From Milan to Marilleva, several mid stops are provided in the main ski villages like Pinzolo, Madonna di Campiglio and Folgarida, allowing people to directly and quickly reach their destinations.




1 Milano
terminal bus MM1 Lampugnano
2 Sesto San Giovanni
Piazza I Maggio(F.S.)
3 Dalmine
Fermata in Autostrada
4 Brescia
Autostazione SIA
5 Tione di trento
Autostazione (Via Roma 35)
6 Villa Rendena
Via Nazionale 1 (Roxy Bar)
7 Iavrè
Piazza Famiglia Cooperativa 1
8 Dare'
SS 239 (davanti negozio Armeria)
9 Vigo Rendena
via IV Novembre 11-13
10 Pelugo
Fermata Atesina
11 Borzago
Via Nazionale 28 (accanto Bar Al Moleta)
12 Spiazzo
Via Nazionale (davanti Info Point)
13 Mortaso
Via Regina Elena 194/A (davanti Bar Quinta Essenza)
14 Bocenago
Fermata Atesina
15 Strembo
Via Nazionale 29 (davanti Cassa Rurale)
16 Caderzone
Via Regina Elena 49
17 Giustino
Viale Dolomiti 13
18 Pinzolo
Stazione Autobus
19 Pinzolo
Funivia (via Bolognini 84)
20 Carisolo
Comune (via Campiglio 9/A)
21 S. Antonio
Bar Augusto
22 Madonna di Campiglio
via Pietra Grande 5
23 Madonna di Campiglio
P.zza Brenta Alta
24 Passo Carlo Magno
via Pian dei Frari 1 (davanti hotel Catturani)
25 Folgarida
Strada dei Brenzi 40 (Hotel Folgarida)
26 Dimaro
Fermata Coop (Via Campiglio 5)
27 Mezzana
via IV Novembre 54 (davanti Cassa Rurale)
28 Marilleva
Fermata Marilleva 900

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