PULLMAN Milano - Lidi di Comacchio (ESTIVA)

Milano - Lidi di Comacchio (ESTIVA)
Are you ready to leave for  Lidi di Comacchio ? Get your bus from Milano or one of the intermediate stops. Choose the time that suits you best and enjoy special offers by Autostradale.it! Seats are comfy and spacious and your luggage is free of charge. And if you love animals, bring them along - they are always welcome on board!Route Milano ? Milano - Lidi di Comacchio only !

Lidos of Ferrara (Lidi Ferraresi) are 7 tourist places belonging to the county of Comacchio, district of Ferrara, looking towards the Adriatic sea and particularly highly populated in the summertime for their beach tourism. 

Lidi Ferraresi are officially called Lidi of Comacchio, and they are extended along 25 km coast, between the northern district of Rovigo, in Veneto, and the southern one of Ravenna from where the Riviera Romagnola begins. All the areas of Lidos of Ferrara (or of Comacchio) is included in the Regional Park of Po river delta, a relevant natural green area inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1999. 

The ancient lido of Lidi Ferraresi is Porto Garibaldi, founded in 1919 and so called because of the landing of Garibaldi with his wife Anita in 1849: today is a touristic harbour and serves the close Lido degli Estensi. In the south, the long series of the Lidi continues with Lido degli Estensi and Lido Spina. 

On the opposite direction, in the north, another series of Lidi begins, inner than the coast: Lido of Comacchio, Lido degli Scacchi, Lido di Pomposa, Lido delle Nazioni and Lido Volano. Even if every lido has its own characteristic, all Lidos of Comacchio have something in common: the environmental quality, given and approved by the eco-label Blue Flag. Blue sea, natural environment, and the renowned hospitality make Lidi Ferraresi one of the best destinations for summer holidays. 

Lidi Ferraresi are very easy to reach by car from the highway connection Ferrara - Porto Garibaldi, from Ravenna through the Romea State highway or from the north, from Venice. 

From spring until the end of summer several coach services are available, also with Autostradale GranTurismo coaches that connect main cities, like Milan, to Lidi Ferraresi, making various stops in every village, near to the touristic structures and resorts.

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1 Milano
terminal bus MM1 Lampugnano
2 Milano
Porto di Mare (presso Tamoil)
3 Lodi
Bennet Distributore ENI
4 Lido di Spina
Viale Leonardo
5 Lido di Spina
Piazza Caravaggio
6 Lido di Spina
Centro Logonovo
7 Lido degli Estensi
Viale Manzoni 31
8 Porto Garibaldi
Viale dei Mille
9 Lido degli Scacchi
Via Scacchi
10 Lido di Pomposa
Viale Dolomiti
11 Lido delle Nazioni
Via Portogallo 25
12 Lido di Volano
Via del Bosco 58
13 Lido di Volano
Piazzale Mare
14 Casal Borsetti
Via al Mare
15 Marina Romea
Via Italia
16 Porto Corsini
17 Marina di Ravenna
V.le delle Nazioni/V.le Ciro M
18 Riva Verde
Viale delle Nazioni
19 Punta Marina
A.P.T. (Il Passatore)
20 Lido Adriano
Viale Caravaggio (C. Com)
21 Lido Adriano
V.le Petrarca/V. Metastasio
22 Lido Adriano
V.le Petrarca (C. Vac.)

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