PULLMAN Milano - Schilpario

Milano - Schilpario
Are you ready to leave for Milano - Schilpario? Get your bus from Milano or one of the intermediate stops. Choose the time that suits you best and enjoy special offers by Autostradale.it! Seats are comfy and spacious and your luggage is free of charge. And if you love animals, bring them along - they are always welcome on board!Route Milano ? Milano - Schilpario only !

Schilpario is a delightful mountain tourist town in Val di Scalve, in the northern part of the district of Bergamo, appreciated in summer and in winter by tourists who love doing activities on the snow like skiing, hiking in the mountains and taking a relaxing break from everyday life, always getting in touch with nature. 

In summer, the hikers love to go and discover trekking tours near to the Massiccio della Presolana and other mountains that surround Val di Scalve; it's also possible to find out an increasing number of mountain bike trails dedicated to these sports adepts. 

Always in summer, lots of tourists come to Schilpario, Clusone and to other villages of the Presolana as well, to enjoy fresh air, nature and traditional local recipes. 

In winter, several chairlifts serve the ski slope below Pizzo Camino, but Schilpario is particularly known by those who love downhill ski, excursions with snow rackets and ice climbing. 

Schilpario and Val di Scalve are easy to reach from Bergamo, Brescia or Milan with Autostradale coaches that, during the whole year, provide many departures from Lampugnano bus terminus, near to the metro station, making mid stops in Sesto San Giovanni, Bergamo and, along the way, in the villages of the valley, like Clusone, Castione della Presolana and Bratto.




2 Sesto San Giovanni
3 Bergamo
4 Nembro
5 Clusone
6 Clusone
7 Clusone
8 Rovetta
9 Rovetta
10 Fino Del Monte
11 Castione Della Presolana
12 Bratto
13 Bratto
14 Presolana
15 Presolana
16 Castello
17 Dezzo
18 Vilminore Di Scalve
19 Vilmaggiore
20 Barzesto
21 Schilpario

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